Plasmafire Graphics Movie Poster

Film, Television and Streaming Media Posters



This portfolio album contains film, television and streaming media production key art and promotional materials created for project in the US and UK. This is a small sample of the projects I have done for indie productions and ongoing series.

"Jeff Hayes is an astonishingly talented and imaginative layout designer and graphic artist who has been a sheer joy to work with.  I am always amazed and filled with wonder at what he comes up with.  I would work with him anytime anywhere on any project."

– Marc Zicree, Writer-Producer-Director
"Star Trek: The Next Generation"
"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
"Babylon 5"

"Jeff Hayes is a rare treasure for producers of the world when coming to developing a marketing identity for their products. The iterative process that he employs combined with artistic flare and vision for commercially viable images - allows you to feed your wishes into a very rewarding process. He is certainly my best kept secret."

– Simon Phillips, Producer
“Jack Said” 
“Jack Falls” 
“The Last Seven”

"Jeff did a fantastic job of creating our main poster for The Hunt for Gollum. His visual flair, eye for quality and detail puts him right up there with the top pros in the industry. He's a lovely guy to boot and was astonishingly quick at producing anything we threw at him."

– Chris Brouchard, Writer - Producer - Director
"The Hunt for Gollum"
"The Little Mermaid"