Jarrem Lee Volume 1

Audio Drama Box Art & Promotional Illustrations



This album contains a small selection of a larger library of over 100 illustrations I did for packaging and promotion of a series of full cast audio dramas produced by Colonial Radio Theatre of Boston, Massachusetts. The audio dramas were distributed both on CD from Brilliance Audio and through a number of digital streaming services, as well as on traditional radio from select stations worldwide. The box cover art had to be constructed in a way that would allow for the title and company logos, but remain flexible enough to expand to meet other promotional needs. This was always a fun challenge. Doing this series was fun because it allowed me to play with imagery from some of the classic stories.

“His dynamic posters and cover art have provided Colonial Radio - and many other projects, from Star Trek fan films to books - with an immediate identity.  His great eye for composition and framing creates excitement, drama, and movement from a multitude of still images - and his mastery of image manipulation is second-to-none.”

Jerry Robbins
The Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air
Boston, MA